Preparing for first rounds of seed-funding, Arcartera Limited has started to write its white-paper, declaring its company vision, mission and more.

In the first part, an abstract and idea for a digital HK$ on the Blockchain was formed. We update you in our news step by step as new content is added, but you can also go to our official page : HKD Token the White Paper to see the full document.




HKD Token is a stable-coin based payment system for Hong Kong. It comes with a smartphone app, and also has a physical RFID Card. Latter is a great idea for kids, senior citizens and tourists.

HKD Tokens are stable, because they are pegged to the Hong Kong Dollar on a 1:1 basis. Coupled with the innovative nature of blockchain technology makes them a perfect combination of both worlds. They are smart because they not only allow for payments but can also be extended to be used with Reward Points or other Loyalty Schemes. 

How do they work?

  1. A user deposits Hong Kong Dollar Cash at a store that supports HKD Tokens, or direct into the company’s bank account.
  2. HKD Tokens are sent to the users’ Smartphone App, or a Card is issued. The amount of issued HKD Tokens that enter circulation is equal to the users’ deposited amount of Hong Kong Dollars.
  3. The HKD Tokens are used for transactions: Pay with the HKD Token App on your smartphone, or use the physical Token Card. Merchants that accept HKD Tokens pay a small fee for the process, while the process is free to the user.
  4. A user can change their HKD Tokens back to Hong Kong Dollars. Simply use the app or visit and request a transfer.
  5. The tokens are removed from circulation, and the user receives the equal amount of Hong Kong Dollars back to his bank account.

HKD Tokens are strictly controlled by its issuer and backed 1:1 by HK$ Fiat Currency in a special bank account. This is the main process by which the systems solvency is maintained.

Anyone with the HKD Token App can send and receive them. Since HKD Tokens are Blockchain Assets, users can even send them world wide.